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Insurance Agent Night School

Insurance Agent Night School

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Insurance Agent Night School is an eight-week program where you will be immersed in:

  • Stories Cody shares of struggles and successes
  • Tips and tricks that Cody learned along the way
  • How to create and maintain a positive attitude
  • Systems to achieve your goals
  • Objections, how to overcome them, the psychology behind them, 
  • Scripts
  • Daily habits and mindsets
  • Prospecting and leads, what to do, what they look like, what the best options are
  • Phone training, what to say and how to transition
  • Psychology of handling objections
  • Appointment setting process, value proposition, benefits presentation, trial closing, presentations, and what questions to ask
  • Trail closing and closing strategies
  • Retaining clients, how to run the books, and customer service 

This eight-week course breaks down the in’s and outs of being a successful insurance agent. The knowledge inside this course is invaluable. The immediate adjustments and thought will transform your business.